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Preservation Distillery and the Extraordinary Effects of Terroir

Terroir- derived from the french word "terre" or soil, terroir is the perfect storm created when land, atmosphere and other unique, minute factors in a very small area collide with local ingredients, creating a regional specific set of magical circumstances that can not be duplicated elsewhere. Yes, that's a mouthful, but think about it! THAT is exactly what makes fabulously unique products like Cognac, Champagne, and Islay Malt so unique, and it's why consistently, the very best bourbons in the world come from the tiny Appalachian region of Nelson County, Kentucky. Preservation is not just smack in the middle of Kentucky and Nelson County, but has further gifts of terroir that make what we are producing something very special.

Our distillery farm sits in a 200' thick bed of solid Nelson County limestone, visible as your drive up our road. Far below the stone beds are a mineral rich soil farmed for centuries, is being planted with artisan and heritage grains, irrigated with that same limestone source. And our vintage barrel warehouse sits perfectly on a rise in the land, catching those erratic hot and cold breezes that make it the perfect place to age whiskey. 

When combined with Preservation Distillery's distinctive copper pot still distilling system and ancient techniques that don't allow much volume, but create densely rich whiskey, there's just something about our little Bardstown farm and what we're making that's surprising our visitors. Using very low yield grain and pot distilling methods, we only produce a few barrels a day, but applying ancient techniques are creating the intense bourbon and whiskey flavors of another century. 

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