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Wattie Boone & Sons

According to historians, Wattie Boone was the first person documented to have made bourbon in Kentucky, along the  Beechfork just behind Preservation Distillery. Honoring Wattie's bourbon legacy and historic journey up the Appalachian Trail, we've released our first single barrel of Wattie Boone whiskey. Made in Tennessee and aged in Kentucky,  this is a luscious 7 yr old whiskey worth tasting.

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Very Olde St. Nick

Olde St. Nick, also known as Very Olde St. Nick is a peculiar brand collected by bourbon fans for more than 30 years. Known for slow aged Kentucky bourbon, rye, and whiskey of exceptional quality, OSN is always produced in the smallest 1-3 barrel batches. We don't make much of any one item, and each barrel is chosen for it's character and grace, and when it's gone, it's gone. Best to sign up for our allocation notices. 


Cowboy Little Barrel

Whiskey has long been the Cowboy's companion and our Cowboy Little Barrel serves him well in his endeavors. Whether to warm a cool evening or adding a few splashes to a morning campfire brew of cowboy coffee, our whiskey is a fine accompaniment to a long day. With tasting notes of honey, caramel, tobacco, and white pepper, Cowboy little barrel is smooth and easy sipping whiskey.

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